APACHE HIVE: Create new database

In this video it is show in details how we work with a particular Hive database

Hive tutorial – create database, describe database, use database, drop database, current database

It is shown how we can specify additional parameters while creating a new database, like comment which would be seen to other users as well as location where data will be stored on HDFS if for some reasons we do not like default location

It is shown how to prevent Hive script from failure if a database with a particular name already exists

It is shown how to delete / drop a database from Hive. By default it is not allowed to delete a database if it contains at least one table. Video shown how we can delete a database even if it contains one or multiple tables

It is shown how it could be checked which database we are currently working with

In the next video we will discuss multiple options we can use while creating a new table in the existing database

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