Cloudera CDH cluster setup – port forwarding in VirtualBox

I have posted a new video where we recap all we have done so far + especially focusing on NAT network and port forwarding for our cluster. It is extremelly important topic to address, since Cloudera Manager Server will require network fully functioning to be able to connect to each host and install required parcels. And port forwarding is important for us to be able to connect / SSH to each host and do needed changes if / when needed. Also port forwarding should be in place so we can connect to Cloudera Manager Server using our web browser.

So enjoy the video and make sure everything works for you as well

VirtualBox port forwarding / NAT network

Next week 2 videos should be available – the first one on Wednesday will be related to Java, my new initiative 🙂 And the second one about installing Cloudera Manager serviss to worker nodes.

See you!

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