Sqoop – homework to be completed

Let’s now put everything together we learned so far about Sqoop and try to accomplish the following task:

You have been given following mysql database details as well as other info.
jdbc URL = jdbc:mysql://quickstart/retail_db

Please accomplish following.

  1. Create a Hive database named sqoop_task and then create a table named departments in it, with
    following fields. department_id int, department_name string e.g. location should be
  2. Please import data in existing table created above from retail_db.departments into hive table
  3. Please import data in a non-existing table, means while importing create hive table named

Try to complete this task by yourself. You are given 2 days for that until Saturday, 4th of May. On 4th of May a solution will be posted on our YouTube channel as well as a separate post in this blog.

If you face any problems, feel free to ask your questions here or review video guides related to Sqoop on our channel

Sqoop video guides

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